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OSTEOPATHY: What’s that?

Osteopathy is a therapy that sees the patient as a whole unit and It uses different types of manual techniques 🙌. The treatment is based on the patient, not on the pain, and this is why it will not be the same for each person (even if the symptoms are similar). 🌱The techniques used during the treatment address different systems…


New osteo at Unplug Hour Wellness!

Happy to be a part of the Unplug Hour Wellness world as an osteopathic practitioner! Osteopathy seeks for the root of the pain and uses manual soft and deep techniques to release tensions. Why should you go the an osteo❓ * Muscle/joint pain * Low back pain, sciatica * Cervical pain * Headache * Dizziness * Digestive disorders * Breathing…


Sleeping problems in newborns

  How many of you parents are getting crazy because your baby can’t sleep well? Newborns should sleep 2/3 of the day with sleeping periods of 60 min. until 6 months. from 6 to 12 months, the active sleep should be close to the end of the day with 90 min sleeping periods. Sleeping problems are very common in newborns…


Otitis media in pediatric age

Ear pain is one of the most common disease in kids. Almost 90% of patients pain is due to a ear problem, the other 10% has referred pain from other regions such as head, neck, teeth(…). Generally the pain due to a ear problem is very severe, constant and with fever. The ear pain due to a referred problem is…