Sportspersons are often subject to injury. The osteopath can support recovery in different ways:


Osteopathy improves the state of the skeletal-muscle system preventing joint wear due to the postural changes. Furthermore, deterioration is prevented.


When a body is balanced it works better. Osteopath researches for the functional limitation areas and brings them back to physiology in order to promote movements fluidity. The treatment aims at bringing the body to a condition where the organism can give maximum with minimum effort and this condition happens only if body structure is in harmony with each other. Furthermore, it reduces tensions in improving proprioception. Osteopathy, acting on circulation, improves the performance.


Osteopathy can be a support for all those sports pathologies and the therapy can be integrated with other medical treatment. The most common sports pathologies are sprain, muscle strain, pubic symphysis pain, muscle contractions, tendinitis (…).