How many of you parents are getting crazy because your baby can’t sleep well?

Newborns should sleep 2/3 of the day with sleeping periods of 60 min. until 6 months.

from 6 to 12 months, the active sleep should be close to the end of the day with 90 min sleeping periods.

Sleeping problems are very common in newborns because the they have a really light sleep (until 6 months).

This may bring the baby to irritability, to impairment of the cognitive abilities, emotional regularity (…).

Sleeping problems may be due to:

  • Difficulty falling asleep;
  • Paranoia (somniloquy);
  • Sleeping apnea;
  • Sleeping problems with epilessia, dermatitis, asthma, otitis, gastric reflux (…);

Osteopathic therapy:

The treatment restore balance and relaxation. Through the use of soft techniques, the osteopath release the tentions connected to the sleeping problem, in particular the ones close to the head, neck, thoracic region and sacral region. It is a global treatment that helps your baby to be healthy and relaxed.


  • Pay attention to the room where your baby sleeps, to hours and to noises;
  • Use of sleeping routines or toys;
  • Melatonina;