Ear pain is one of the most common disease in kids.

Almost 90% of patients pain is due to a ear problem, the other 10% has referred pain from other regions such as head, neck, teeth(…).

Generally the pain due to a ear problem is very severe, constant and with fever. The ear pain due to a referred problem is less severe, inconstant and without fever.

One of the most common cause of ear pain is the spread of bacteria and virus inside the eustachian tube (canal that connects the ear with the nose).

The Eustachian tube in child ear is shorter and more horizontal than the one in adult ear and this is the reason why the infection is favored.

In fact, the tube position doesn’t help the drain from the middle ear to the upper breathing ways increasing the pressure and creating the perfect place for bacteria and visus to spread.


The most common therapy is the antibiotics and antipyretics (under medical prescription) which fight the infection.

Why osteopathy then?

The osteopathic treatment seeks the cause. In this case, the pharmacological therapy treats the pathology and not the cause!

The osteopath’s job is to increase the physiological drainage releasing the cranio-sacral, cervical and mediastinic tensions.

The purpose of the treatment is to release the tensions of the involved parts and to improve the dreinaige and the lymphatic system to bring the child to balance and to prevent future ear infections.

*** The osteopathic techniques are gentle and non invasive per your kid and can be performed on kids at all age! ***