Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) is a chronic gastrointestinal illness.

Symptoms are abdominal pain, discomfort and changes in bowel habits.
IBS can be unpleasant and can lead to a limitation in the quality of life🌪️.

A deregulation in the nervous system 🧠 seems to be the main cause but diet, inflammation, bacteria and environment (stress) can affect the symptoms.

💆 Osteopathy is a valid support for IBS.

* The osteopathic treatment releases the tensions around the organs and their connections to the other parts of the body.
* The gentle technique helps to rebalance the nervous system.


– Improving the organs mobility and motility
– Improving the circulation to and from the organs and the abdomen
– Rebalancing the nervous system to reduce the painful stimuli and restore the correct function or the organs
– Creating a postural balance
– Reducing stress


Reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life ✨🌱

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