Chronic pain refers to pain that lasts for a period of time longer than 3 months. Symptomatology is usually influenced by a lot of different factors such as stress, fear of movement, beliefs, lifestyle (etc).

Managing chronic pain is more complicated than what we think so do not expect to get better in a week. On average, it takes about 3 months to get better and there might be some relapses during that time and after.

My goal is to LISTEN TO your story and to HELP you get rid of the pain.

I will be your guide.

It is a two-way street path: I am here to help you but you have to want to get into the game.

I might ask you to move a little during the sessions. I am talking about moving those parts of your body that you overprotected and immobilized for a long time.

If you break a wrist you probably will keep it still to let the bone heal. But if the wrist is not broken and you keep it blocked to protect it, would you be able to move it freely? or would you move it better by keeping it “relaxed”?

It will be important to understand what you think about your pain, what your beliefs are, which other therapies you tried as well as you lifestyle.

Imagine a vase where you add every day stress, beliefs, physical and emotional loads, habits etc. One day a drop overflows the vase.